Top 3 Myths about Water Softeners Busted

When it comes to the process of softening hard water, even though most people understand the dangers and problems that are caused by hard water, there are still many myths surrounding the softening of the water- myths that make many people shy away from water softening solutions even in spite of the obvious advantages that they stand to enjoy from them. Some of these myths may be based on distorted facts but most of them are absolutely false and the most widespread of the later are analyzed and explained below.

You can use descalers as softeners

Descalers, also often referred to as salt-free water softeners are not actually water softeners in the strictest definition of the term. This is because they do not do anything to make the water itself any less harder. They do not eliminate any of the minerals that are present in hard water and which are the main reason why the water is even hard in the first place. What they do is mitigate and solve the damages and problems caused by the minerals that are present in the water.

Softened water is not healthy

Most people from all over the world have been led to believe that softened water does not have the same health benefits as hard water since some important minerals have been eliminated from the former. This is not true- even though the minerals present in hard water such as magnesium carbonate may not be directly harmful to the body, they do not do it much good either.

Water softening can damage your skin

There is a belief that softened water usually leaves behind a thin layer of film on the surface of the skin and this notion has been proven scientifically to be completely false. You can find out more about the best water softening options and read reviews of the best products for water softening at