Sea Food – Tasty As Well As Beneficial For Health

Visiting different places and tasting different sorts of food is one of the best life experiences. If you are a sea food lover and are planning a holiday then you must plan to visit the Myrtle Beach. It is due to the fact that this place is known for its delicious sea food. There are numerous restaurants which provide Gourmet Sea food. To add to the experience of the guests, they have several theme like pirate theme, mermaid theme etc. There are numerous variety of sea food dishes like basa, black cod, brill etc. You can click for more info about the ever delicious sea food served in Myrtle Beach.

Know the health benefits of sea food

Sea food provides good amount of vitamins to the consumer. Fish is one of the popular sea foods and contains lots of nutrients for example vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium etc. These nutrients help in the development of brain in kids, while in adults it provides a safeguard against strokes, heart disease etc. You must eat the sea food at least one or two times in a week for enjoying its health benefits to the maximum. Below listed are few of the sea foods and their benefits –

Crab – the food is rich in vitamin B12, which helps in the production of the red blood cells. In addition it also improves the brain function.

Oyster – great quantity of amino acid, tyrosine is found in oysters which help in regulating stress levels as well as improving the mood. The best part is that the food is rich in protein and calcium and contains low cholesterol.

Mussels – the food is rich in iron and helps in proper functioning of the immune system.

Shrimp – brain and bone health is improved to a great extent by the consumption of the shrimp. It also helps in management of weight. In addition to that, it also has anti-aging and cancer preventive properties.

Know about eating the sea food during pregnancy

Sea food can be eaten during the pregnancy period and it has almost no side effects. But it is to be noted that there are few varieties of fish that the pregnant ladies should not consume, or should consume in very low quantity like marlin, swordfish, shark etc. The reason is that these fishes contain high amount of mercury content which can affect the nervous system of your little one. Eating fishes during pregnancy makes your child more intelligent and healthy, thus eat the sea food during pregnancy and develop the intelligence of your kid.