Different types of stethoscopes

Since the French physician invented the first stethoscope, the improvement has been a phenomenon with different types of stethoscopes available in the market.

Specialized care demands different types of stethoscopes, so it will amaze you to see different types of this equipment, click to read more if you care to know more about what began as a simple paper rolled into hollow device to listen to heartbeats.

Consider various types that are available to get acquainted with many types of life-saving device that look so simple yet restores life to many.

  • Acoustic-type

Anytime we think of stethoscope, the image in our mind is that of an acoustic one. Acoustic stethoscopes are the most commonly used and most recognizable one in the market. It works by transmitting sound from the chest piece through a pair of tubes to the earpiece,  we all see it with our Doctors and nurses.

  • Fetal stethoscope

Fetal stethoscopes serve only one purpose; to monitor the fetus. Fetoscopes as the fetal stethoscopes are also called and earlier versions are known as Pinard horns. Since developing fetus is so important, is not surprising that is possible to feel their growth even from the womb.

  • Electric stethoscopes

Electronic stethoscope does the same task like the ordinary ones, just that it amplify sounds picked up by the chest piece using electricity. Although is not an everyday stethoscope in the sense that it is heavier, needs a battery and more expensive than the traditional stethoscopes.

It picks up sounds from other sources when used in public places. They are task specific and useful in certain areas of medical practice.

  • Doppler stethoscopes

This is another type of electronic stethoscope. It measures ultrasound waves’ doppler effect. The fact is human organs display doppler effect and this device helps to measure it.

It is more effective to measure moving objects in the body like hearts, lungs, and other organs. It is used to monitor fetus with  frail heartbeats.

  • 3D stethoscopes

With the 3D stethoscope on the rise which is an open source invented in 2015, it makes diagnosis simple in places that are difficult to reach due to war. The only requirement is a 3D printer and you can make a functional stethoscope that is efficient and reliable.

The future of stethoscopes is getting brighter every day, innovations and new inventions show that health care system is yet to witness the best stethoscope yet.

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