Explore The Types Of Balls Used In Bowling Sport

Playing indoor game is always fun and entertainment. These days, there are several indoor games that people enjoy playing and one among them is bowling. Since the time of inception, bowling sport is always in vogue. Due to wide popularity, several bowling clubs are opened in every corner of the planet. It’s a sport in which a player is likely to make the pins fall by gently throwing a ball on a smooth surface towards the goal. In order to make a good strike, you need to select a bowling ball. For making the right selection, you can get the tips at Feel Like Strike.

Starting with new thing is always good. Hence, if you are also starting with bowling sport then you need a beginner ball. There is a wide range of bowling balls available exclusive for beginners. Bowling ball for beginners is designed by considering points like it offers perfect grip with solid performance etc. Along with this, balls for beginners are also easy to use and can be used by a player of any skill. It offers smooth bowling experience on any surface whether wooden or tile. Few popular types of bowling ball are given below:

Plastic balls – It is one of the most popular and common types of bowling balls. Due to affordability, it is widely used in many commercial as well as domestic places. Plastic bowling balls are much durable and the outer surface is friction free. Being with smooth surface, there is no need to put effort while playing with this bowling ball. Most of the bowling experts use this type of bowling ball due to several reasons, like longevity, affordability and durability.  Plastic bowling ball is great for playing straight shots while avoiding hook shots.

Urethane bowling balls – These types of bowling ball first came into existence in 1970’s. The outer surface of this bowling ball is so soft that a player can easily grip it without any slippery effect. With less effort, you can achieve optimal results with Urethane bowling balls. These bowling balls are effective in playing any shot whether hook, side or straight. Usually, these sorts of bowling balls are affordable and used by beginners.

Reactive resin balls – it’s a master piece in bowling world and exclusively used by professional bowling players. These bowling balls are same as urethane bowling balls with additional tiny resin particles over the surface. The combination of urethane and resin particles makes it the best option among other types of bowling balls.

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