Loosen Up With These 4 Hassle-Free Sources of Fiber

Loosen Up With These 4 Hassle-Free Sources of Fiber

Having to meet the daily recommendation of dietary fiber intake can be quite a hassle. Even so, constipation is something no one wants to deal with, so consuming sufficient fiber is a necessity. After all, no one enjoys bloating and a rough time in the toilet. There is good news for you, as you can eat these four rich, hassle-free sources of fiber:

#1: Nuts

Yes, nuts are not only a rich source of fiber, but they are also quite simple to eat. What makes them great is that you are able to continue your activities as you eat them. You can say goodbye to the whole “eat lots of fruits and vegetables” nonsense if you opt for nuts. Also, if you ever get bored with one type, you can switch to another. Once you get tired of almonds, switch to cashews for a different flavor and texture.

#2: Chia Seeds

It’s the Mexican superfood, chia seeds, and they are also quite rich in fiber. However, it is not only dietary fiber that they contain, but also a plethora of other nutrients. In case you did not know, chia seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. Furthermore, these taste bland so you can toss them in any food recipe. Or, you can sprinkle them on any drink, and you will have a super energy drink.

That aside, chia seeds are a perfect nutritional supplement, and you can add them to any food. Thus, a good way to appreciate chia is to toss them in smoothies, as you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors and they will always have nutritional value. If you are in need of a blender, try to go to website, since they have reliable reviews for top-performance blenders.

#3: Onions

With onions, you not only get to cry as you chop them, but you can also digest food properly as you eat them. These are also quite rich in dietary fiber, so you’ll thank yourself for adding them to your food recipe. Also, onions have cleansing properties, so you get rid of toxins in the body.

#4: Apples

You probably did not expect these to be on the list since apples are popular for other nutrients. However, an apple a day can get you closer to your fiber goals, which is something to appreciate. Of course, you have to eat the fruit itself and not only juice.


Although it can be a hassle to meet the daily recommendation for dietary fiber, one can do it the easy way with these hassle-free sources. You can opt for nuts, chia seeds, onions, or apples, and they will bring you closer to your fiber goals, and further away from constipation.

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