The Various Benefits of a Portable Espresso Machine

When planning to buy an espresso machine for personal use, there are a number of things to look for. Looks are of course important since they are the first thing that buyers notice when looking at an espresso machine. Also, there are things such as its frothing and grinding capabilities, storage, capacity and water storage. A notable detail involves choosing between a built-in and a portable espresso machine. Below is a look at the benefits of the best portable espresso machine.

Everyone knows how important a cup of coffee is to most people as it gives them the energy they need to make it through a work day. This is especially the case for those who take several shots of espresso in the course of the day. However, getting an espresso whenever someone goes can be quite difficult. This underlines one of the main benefits of a portable espresso machine. The only thing needed with a portable machine is hot water. Electricity will not even be needed so as to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso. All one has to do is load the machine with hot water and ground up espresso beans.

Some boating lovers usually wonder whether it is possible to have their favorite espresso while on a boat trip. This is possible with a portable espresso machine as all they need is a coffee pod and boiling water. For those who are yet to secure one, they are open to a number of options. Various types of these units are available in the market as a buyer makes comparison of every feature that would conform to his or her needs. Certain portable espresso makers can be powered by the 12-volt battery of a car or motorcycle. Other models have pneumatic based operation that can be powered efficiently by a carbon dioxide cartridge that is ideal for travel.

When a coffee lover is travelling, he or she may be directed to stores selling these machines. This will enable them enjoy the convenience of carrying a portable espresso machine. An electric current is not needed in order to brew an espresso. Brewing can be powered using a 12- volt battery or a pneumatically designed mechanism function with the help of a carbon dioxide cartridge. All what is required is coffee pods and hot water in order to brew a sweet cup of espresso. The machine can accompany someone on a fishing trip or a vacation to satisfy his or cravings for espresso on the spot.

This small and convenient machine can be carried along on vacations, business trips as well as active pursuits such as mountain climbing, boating, biking and many others. An average portable espresso machine weighs 1.2 pounds and has an area 95 square inches. These features are different from manual and electric espresso makers that are equipped with a standard lever handle. A portable espresso machine is quite distinct from a stovetop espresso machine. This is because a stove is not needed to create pressure to force out boiling water to go through the coffee pot by heating it.