Protecting Your Eyes From Glare

As the technology in the world increases, so do the various concerns for safety and health. The use of computers has increased over the past decade, and with it the eye problems have also shot up. Scientific research shows that there isn’t any permanent damage to the eyes apart from fatigue and discomfort.

From the use of computers come eye-related issues, including eyestrain and headaches. The issues aren’t as a result of the computer or monitor itself but from a series of factors. When it comes to eyestrain, there is a need to reduce the amount of fatigue and strain.

There are a few factors that contribute to these eye problems that are related to computer use.

These include the use of bifocals that make the reading distance of several inches to be at a set position. You also need to avoid the story of a set distance of the computer monitor that causes the worker to focus on a specific distance for a long time.

It is also a well-known fact that the information on a computer monitor is brightest at the middle and then it fades out as it nears the edge. This makes the eyes to overwork in order to compensate, a fact that can cause strain to the eyes.

Additionally, you need to look at improper placement and use of lights. This makes the eyes overwork, and in order to compensate for this results into a strain to the eyes.

Additionally, prolonged use of the computer without any break causes an increase in stress to the eyes.

So what are the solutions?

You need to try and move the monitor at least twenty inches from the eyes, making sure to keep it at eye level at all times. You also need to try and focus at a point that is a bit far from the computer.

You can also try to reduce the glare on the screen, or additionally use antiglare glasses from Sunglass Picks. These are clear and allow you to read without having to squint. You can also use a glare guard or invest in an LCD glare filter.

In Closing

The use of computers has come both as a blessing and as a curse. Many tasks can be done easily and at a faster rate, but it also comes with a strain on the eyes. The strain can be handled in various ways so as to solve the issue.

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