Steps in Planning Your Next Extension

As property prices go higher and higher, you find that it is much better and cheaper to add an extension to your home, rather than moving to a bigger abode. This approach comes with several advantages, especially if you have kids that attend the local schools within the area. To get the best out of this project, you need to plan everything to the last detail. Here are some of the steps for planning your next extension.

Is it Practical?

Before you get down to the dirty work, you need to determine whether the project is practical. For instance, you need to understand whether you have enough cash to implement the project and if the extension will add any value to the house. Additionally, you need to know where you will stay when the task is going on. Take time to consider any issue that might affect the smooth running of the project.

The Budget

After you have ironed the broad issues out, you need to get down to the details, especially the cost of the project. You base the budget on the size and scope of the upgrade. For this reason, you need to work with the company architect so that your estimates are as accurate as possible. Factor in a contingency cost (10-20 percent of the cost) that covers any unforeseen expenses.

Maintain Continuity

You should try as much as you can to blend the upgrade into the existing structure. This is because the extension is an extension of the main house and shouldn’t look like a separate structure. For instance, the extension should try as much as possible to use the same materials that the main structure uses. DG Construction can help you get the same design and materials so that the extension seamlessly blends into your home plan.

Get the Right Builder

You can’t overlook the importance of the builder in such a project. Make sure the builder you use specializes in creating extensions. DG Construction is a builders company in Blackpool that specializes in extensions and upgrades. Some of the services this company handles include garage conversions, orangeries and many more.


Proper planning translates into perfect execution of any construction project. Make sure you understand whether the project is practical before taking any extra step. Come up with the perfect budget and choose a layout and materials that maintain the continuity of the existing structure. Finally, make sure you work with the right builder to achieve a perfect extension.

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