Stethoscope Features that Focus on the Patient’s Comfort

As a doctor or nurse, it’s difficult not to care about each patient who comes into your office or to your desk. However, it’s not always easy to make their experiences enjoyable or even comfortable. Fortunately, there are modern stethoscope features that actually aim to alleviate the discomfort of patients, which is why we are sharing this article with you, to help you choose the design that best accommodates both yours and your patients’ needs.

A Non-Chill Rim

While many people have become accustomed to the icy-cold touch of a stethoscope on bare skin, there are still some – especially children – who find the experience daunting. Fortunately, as seen on excellent review sites like Stethoscope Lab, there are many models that eliminate the icy chill by utilizing different materials. And while in the past, different materials would typically produce less accurate results, modern polymers now offer the benefits of both accuracy and comfort.

Latex and Allergen-Free Materials

In a similar manner to gluten sensitivity, modern research has recently discovered that many people unknowingly suffer from rubber plant latex allergies. These allergies, while not sever in most cases, can lead to rashes, hives, skin irritation or even more serious ailments, which is certainly not beneficial – particularly within the medical industry. And while research suggests that only around 1% to 6% of the North American population is allergic to rubber plant latex, by avoiding such materials you can easily cater to even those who don’t know they are allergic.

Your Own Personality

As a doctor or nurse, you can understand how valuable it can be to form personal, trusting relationships with your patients. It not only can improve a patient’s comfort level, but can also ensure more cooperation and openness – which can lead to quicker and more pain-free treatment. However, it’s easy for patients to simply perceive all doctors and nurses as non-personal medical professionals. This is why, when choosing a stethoscope, consider acquiring one that carries a part of your personality, so that you aren’t just another face in the same old uniform, but actually an individual who cares – that patients can trust and connect with.

While there are a plethora of different features to look out for choosing a stethoscope, if you want to provide your patients with as much comfort as possible, the above features are certainly ones you should look out for. And if you’re still not sure, consider visiting helpful review sites for more personal and hands-on information.

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