How to Use Twitter Bots Efficiently

You have to be strategic with the way you use bots for Twitter to maximize their potential. In other words, you need to be tactful because everyone else is trying to outperform you. Here’s a rundown of tips to help you do it.

Follow Wisely

Sure, the bots will follow your target audience, but that doesn’t mean you should misuse their capability.  In fact, you should aim to get a following less than one hundred people every day especially if you’re getting started with your marketing campaign or have less than two thousand followers. You can follow more people if your brand has a large following. Otherwise, Twitter doesn’t allow you to follow more than one thousand people in a day.

The point here is that you should use your tool sparingly. The last thing that you want to do is to get banned for violating Twitter rules.

Know Your Social Media Goals

When you automate your content and likes, you will end up getting natural followers due to the increased level of activity. You should, therefore, have a clear plan of what you want to do with the numbers once you got them. Are you after making sales? Is your aim to grow your audience? Or, are you in for your brand’s social proof? Which message do you want to get out there? Of course, you’ll have to spend money for a bot service so you must have a plan to get results for your investment.

…remember, you have to look before you spend your money on any Twitter bot service

Twitter bots come in all “shapes and sizes.” Some will help share your content while others will get you more likes and comments. And then there are those that claim to assign real people to manage your Twitter account and so on. While there’s no denying that bots will improve your branding campaign on Twitter, you have to interrogate any seller before you spend your cash.

The point is; hundreds of thousands of people have lost money to scams while trying to purchase bots. Most offer promises too good to be true, with their aim being to lure you in. Such companies, and this one called Tweepi looks like a scam in every sense of the word. In conclusion, avoid any Twitter service bot that doesn’t have the data to back up their claims either on their website or reviews from independent customers.

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